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By: Sara Santos on December 4th, 2016

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6 Ways Easy-to-Use Video Conferencing Can Benefit HR Professionals

Management Tips  |  business tips  |  Video Conferencing

There is no doubt that video conferencing can help companies work more efficiently and save money. Something I love about working in this industry is that there is no one way to use video conferencing, allowing customers to benefit in many different ways.

As your HR department prepares for the New Year and a new wave of hires in Q1, now is a great time to start thinking how video conferencing can improve your team's day to day operations and attract new talent.

We'll explore six ways that your Human Resources department can benefit from using easy-to-use video conferencing services.


1. Shortened Hiring Time

Video conferencing allows you to shorten the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process. Having the option to use video interviews allows you to meet with more candidates in a shorter period of time and allows you to be more flexible. For example, if you need management from more than one location to join the interview, you no longer need to coordinate a day that they can all physically be together in one room.

Not everyone uses Skype, so having a video service that allows guests to join a meeting without downloading or signing up for the service is an added benefit of cloud video conferencing.

Once the candidate has accepted the offer letter, video can be used to walk the new hire through your onboarding documents. This makes the process more efficient and can be less stressful for the new employee.

2. Reduced Travel Time

people-office-group-team.jpgIn an organization that has multiple offices or HR team members working remotely traveling to interviews and meetings might be common. Most travel can be replaced with video allowing HR professionals to be more productive during their work day. Not only does this cut your travel time, but your travel costs.

3. Face-To-Face Conversations

Phone interviews and recorded video interviews do not provide the same interaction and personal experience that you would have with a two-way video call. Video conferencing allows you to pick up on body language and get a much better impression of your candidate than you would from voice alone. These face-to-face conversations using video allow your team to be more confident in their hiring decision, especially with remote employees or someone relocating for the position.

It is important to use high-quality and professional video services so the experience feels face-to-face. No longer do you need to find a conference center with video technology in order to participate in a business-grade video call, cloud-based video conferencing with mobile devices makes meetings more accessible on any device.

4. Training/Education

Video conferencing is a great way to keep your team and employees trained on new policies or procedures, especially with teams that are dispersed or remote.

An added benefit of some video services, like EasyConference, is that they allow you to record a video meeting. This makes it easy to share your training and educational meetings at a later time or on your company intranet.

You could also stream a video conference for a company-wide announcement or board meeting without having everyone in the same place or get up from their desks.

5. Less Turnover and Greater Pool of Talent

Flexible work and remote work are rapidly getting a reputation for making happier and more productive workers. As a company that can support this through video conferencing, you are already a more attractive place to work for and could see less turnover. Remote work can be used as an incentive if you can't offer a raise, allowing your HR and management to be creative with offer packages.

With video interviews, you no longer need to look within a certain radius of the office. Giving you more opportunity to find the right person for the position and top talent.

Having an easy to use video conferencing service gives the impression that you are a forward thinking and tech oriented organization. This is attractive to many employees or people seeking work.

6. Internal Meetings

Empty meeting room_ Unsplash.jpgFor teams that are based in different locations, video conferencing makes internal meetings easier and more productive than an audio conference or a phone call. Check-ins with your new hires over video are a great way for the HR team to stay connected with their employees and make sure they are still engaged and transitioning within the organization.

Human Resources professionals are already seeing a shift in their communication; in fact, video conferencing ranked in the top three tools for communication in a global survey by Redshift Research on behalf of Polycom, Inc. They also found that 98 percent of Human Resources executives surveyed say video conferencing helps companies defy distance and break down cultural barriers to improve productivity. Cloud-based video conferencing is great for many companies and departments and finding the best solution for you is important. Try our easy to use video conferencing service EasyConference for FREE to have your HR team benefit

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About Sara Santos

Starting in a customer support role at Easymeeting before becoming a Marketing Coordinator, Sara has seen first-hand how customers can benefit from such an awesome technology. She loves sharing her experiences from working closely with customers and building strong relationships with them over video. Sara has a passion for inbound marketing, helping others, and making people laugh. When not working on the Easymeeting blog, you can catch Sara outside hiking with her dog.